Why do we need Database Management System?

The database is basically a collection of data and data is the raw, facts and figures that is processed to produce information. The database management system is used to store data in such a way that is becoming easier for the user to retrieve, manipulate and produce information.

In other words, we can say that it is a system that manages database. The most important and common examples of database management system are Oracle and SQL server. They are typically optimized for performing transactions. The purpose of these systems is to manage transactional databases such as HR systems, banking systems and so on.

Why do we need Database Management System

The function of the Database Management System

The main function of the database management system is to make it possible for the user to organize data in a database. Database management systems provide the number of benefits but it can be costly and time-consuming for the implementation.

Advantages of Database Management System

There are many advantages of a database management system, some of them are listed below:

  1. An advantage of the database management system provides a way to store and retrieve data efficiently. With the help of this, we can store a lot of data. A database management system is suitable to store a large amount of data
  2. It helps in improving data sharing.
  3. DBMS also improved data security and provide high security for the user.
  4. It makes it possible for the user to produce quick answers to ad hoc queries which is used to improve the data access.
  5. DBMS provides better-managed data and improved data access which make it possible to generate better-quality information.
  6. It provides the relationship between record using primary key and foreign key. It also provides high security.
  7. Data base management system avoids duplication of data.
  8. We can use a database management system in medium or large scale application.