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Is WinRar best for Zip files?

If you have some files in Zip format and you are interested in using them then it is necessary to have WinRar in your PC. It will work only after the proper installation. If there is such an app in the PC then you will not be able to open such documents. Whenever you try […]

Can I make a video from PowerPoint Slides?

Hello everybody! Today I am going to share an interesting topic with you. People often create a slide show while using PowerPoint. They can deliver their views or ideas properly in the form of slides. Now question is that can we collect them all slides in a single video? Let’s check the details! Can I […]

Why Does My Husband Use Incognito Mode

I was reading a few articles and saw the comment about why does my husband use incognito mode. So this comes into my mind that a lot of people are there are not aware of the incognito mode, especially in Google chrome. So today I am going to discuss the use of Incognito mode. Use […]

Can I Use Windows 7 in 2020

If you are using Windows 7 in your PC and you want to continue using it then it is a better choice for you. As per the announcement made by Microsoft that Windows 7 will not available with full technical support after January 14th 2020. This is the reason now people are asking about can […]

Can i make a paypal account in Pakistan

Hello everybody! I was exploring FAQs related to Payoneer account and I saw some of the questions such as “Can I make a PayPal account in Pakistan”? I was first surprised about the question that why people are asking such questions frequently. After detailed research, I learnt that there is no PayPal service in Pakistan. […]

I see Mobile view issue in Search Console for my site

If you are concerned about the Mobile usability factor and you saw an alert that your site is not performing better for mobile devices. Hey everyone, from FileHippo team today I am ready to share my experience with you regarding your problem. You will be happy after the tips I am sharing with you. Your […]

How I can resolve the BreadCrumbs Issue

Nowadays, It is commonly a question asked by bloggers and SEO field people that “How I can Resolve The BreadCrumb Issue“? Today! I am sharing some of my personal experiences with you. Last night on one of my website I saw some issues while visiting search console. The issue was related to the BreadCrumbs issue. […]

Can I use 32 bit Software in 64 bit Windows

When we see people asking about the use of 32-bit Software in 64-bit operating system then we came here for the answer. A few days ago, I was using my computer and there were some files which are in Rar format. When I tried to open the file, I was unable to do so because […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber Optical fiber is a cable which has narrow like structure and consists of a glass core which helps in sending the signals of light with very less amount of strength. It is used in telecommunication as well as data communication. It is the most flexible cable which has transparent fiber. Advantages of Optical […]

Different Uses of Computer

A computer is an electronic device used to control large and small machines which were controlled by humans in the past. They are used in homes for making a home budget, for playing games, listening to music, reading the news and writing. They are also used in offices and schools for data gathering, processing, storage, […]