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What is the difference between Glass and Mirror?

Mirror is usually made of glass and it has a smooth surface. One side of the mirror is painted with reflective material due to which light reflects and image appear on the mirror while glass has the transparency at both sides due to which light passes from the glass, as a result, we can see […]

What is the difference between System software and Application Software?

For the hardware of the system, users need system software whereas to perform the specific function users need Application software. To operate the hardware of the system, the system software is necessary. For operating of application software, system software provides the platform. Key Difference To operate the hardware of the computer, system software used whereas […]

What is the difference between LCD and LED?

LCD LCD stands for ‘liquid crystal display’ and there is the same basic technology in both LCD and LED. Both have the 2 layers of polarized glass through which liquid crystal block and pass the light. We can say that the LED TV is the subset of LCD TV. LED LED stands for “light-emitting diode”. […]

What is difference between shower and Bath?

Key difference: When we take the tub filled with water to soaking the body it means that we taking the bath. And when we standing under the spray of water to clean ourself it means that we taking the shower. Bath and shower seem to be similar terms which confuse most peoples special those people […]

What is difference between Reflection and Refraction?

On the base of straight light propagation, there are 2 phenomena that are reflection and refraction. Reflection used to deal with the bouncing rate of the light while refraction deals with the bending of light rays. In the world, we can see everything with the help of light. In the absence of light, we will […]

What is the difference between Monocot and Dicot?

Monocot and Dicot are the 2 distinct categories of plants. An example of a dicot is the Maple plant and the example of monocot is the turf. Monocot vs Dicot There are 4 distinct structural features that differentiate the monocot from a dicot. These four structural features are roots, stem, leaves, and flowers. Monocot has […]

What is the difference between Speed and Velocity?

In simple words we can explain this two-term in the way that “Velocity is the speed with direction” and the speed has no direction. Speed is the magnitude of the velocity and it is a scalar quantity. When we divide the unit of distance by time taken then the result of this is called speed. […]

What is different between Sea and Ocean?

To differentiate the Ocean and sea clearly we need to find the difference of depth, area, and marine life of both. The ocean is the continuous frame of the salty water that is greater than the sea. Ocean shelter the 70 per cent of the surface of the earth while the sea is smaller than […]

What is the Difference between Mass and Weight?

In our daily life when we ask the difference between mass and weight from people then the answer of the people is that the mass and weight are the same but actually these are not the same according to physics. Mass The amount of matter contained by anybody is called it’s Mass. Mass remains the […]

What is the exact definition of Weather? Difference between Weather and Climate

Most people take the weather and climate the same but originally both are different. What people expected is called climate whereas what actually happens is called weather. A mix of events that happens each day in our temperature is called weather. On earth, there is the same atmosphere but the weather is not the same […]