Download Apk File Opener Windows 7

Download Apk File Opener Windows 7. This is software that used for installing, viewing, and launching different Apk files on the operating system or PC windows. The software is published by dihav. There are various versions of this software offered but each and every version has its own specific features and functions. All versions of the software are free and safe. The software is virus tested, that means that it is free from viruses, spywares and malwares. There have been no updates of this software within six months. The current version of this software has zero flag on virus total. The software is free to use as it does not require any charges to use this software. The size of the file is 2.33 MB.

Download Apk File Opener Windows 7

Features of Apk File Opener

There are many diverse and essential features of the software that make it unique in the software markets. The interface of the software or downloader is friendly as it gives amazing experiences to the users. The other main and interesting feature of the software is that it is compatible to the operating system of having any version of windows. It is compatible to the operating system of 32 bit and 64 bit. This is known as simple and easy application for Android. The software is reliable and fast as it helps in performing the functions. The notable feature of this downloader or software is having the direct contacts to the servers of Google play. The other important and significant feature of this software is having the ability of local backups of unlimited number of files. The process of using this software or downloading any data in Apk format is very simple and quick. There is also the ability of checking the progress of downloader or downloading files with ease. The complete folder is having the ability of taking direct access to the applications. This software is also capable of keeping the system safe while installing it from any harmful phishing or infected websites.

Advantages of Apk

There are many useful features of the software Apk opener that helps in users in achieving their goals with ease and quickly. There are large demands of this software and their numbers of users are increasing day by day. There is also the ability of transferring the data from one user to another user quickly by the use of this software or downloader. There is also the facility of preparing, viewing the files of Apk official for different purposes such as security scans. There is also the ability of creating the comprehensive file or library for its use regularly with ease. The software is 100 percent free to sue there are no requirements to pay for using its features.


There are some basic requirements that should be considered before to install or download this downloader or software From Soft to Nic. The operating system should be of 32 bit and 64 bit foe successful downloading the applications. The software is licensed by freeware. So there is no requirement of license to use this software.

Download Apk File Opener Windows 7 Soft To Nic

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