What is the difference between Village life and City life?

The way of living is different in villages and cities. You can easily found all the facilities in the city which you have not in village life. We found our inner peace in village life. There are arrays of trees, patches of green lands, ponds found in the village.

In cities, large numbers of people live whereas in the village the population is less. As compared to the city, the environment in the village is clean. There are less noise and fresh air in the village as compared to cities. People in the cities are busier as compare to the people of the village. There are large numbers of buildings and vehicles in the cities and cities offer better medical care as compare to the villages. Education facilities are better in the city as compare to the village.


Main differences between village and City

  • In the village, the main means of transport are the bullock cart, horse cart, and bicycles whereas the main means of transport in cities are bike, car, cab services, and metro railways.
  • Peoples of the village are no stranger to each other and they meet every day while life is busy in the city and people can meet with each other in events like parties, holidays, etc.
  • The environment of the city is polluted, noisy and crowded whereas the environment of the village is clean, not noisy, and not crowded.
  • In cities home, offices, and rooms are getting smaller day by day whereas in the village the home has large areas.
  • There are universities and colleges in the city for education but in the village, there are only government schools and college is not available in the village.
  • The scope of employment is more in the city because of the companies and industries whereas the peoples of the village do farming in the village mostly.

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