What is the difference between Perimeter and Area?

In geometry perimeter and Area are different terms. The area is the 2-dimensional region occupied by the close figure whereas perimeter total distance around the close figure is called a perimeter.

Area calculation needs the size of the calculation of carpet to cover the floor of the room. To surround the field or garden with a fence, we need to calculate the perimeter of the field or garden first then we can get the exact length of fence which we require to surround the field or garden. For different shapes, there are different formulas to calculate the area and perimeter.

To calculate the irregular shape we need to break the irregular shape into a common shape like square, rectangle, circle, and triangle. Then we can set formula for these common figures to calculate the area. In this way, we will be able to calculate the area of irregular figures.


Comparison between Perimeter and Area

  • Are calculate the space that occupies by the close figure whereas the perimeter calculates the distance around the close figure.
  • The area used to calculate 2-dimensional figure while perimeter used for the calculation of 1 dimension.
  • As the area is used to calculate 2 dimension due to which it has a square unit while the perimeter is used to measure 1 dimension due to which it has a linear unit.


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