What is the difference between Listening and Hearing?

The act of perceiving sound and receiving sound waves through our ears is called Hearing. Act of hearing and understanding what we hear is called Listening. Hearing is the sense which happened all the time unless someone has a hearing problem.

For hearing, we use only our ears and for listening, we not only use our ear but sound goes to the brain to process the mean of sound. Listening used to build a better relationship with others but in case of hearing, we just receive sound through our ears only.

Listening is the communication technique through which we understand, interpret, and put the meaning of what we hear while hearing is just used to receive sound by our ear.


Comparison of hearing and listening

  • For both listening and hearing ears used.
  • Hearing is the receiving of sound waves through our ears, while listening is the receiving of sound waves through our ears and understand what we heard.
  • Hearing is the sense while listening is the choice for us that what we hear and analyze.
  • In hearing only ears used while in listening to other body parts also use.
  • In listening, we observe the behavior of others while in hearing we just receive waves of sound.
  • To build better relationship with other listening need while hearing not.


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