What is the difference between density and viscosity?

Resistance measurement of fluid that is being deformed by shear stress or tensile stress is called viscosity. In simple words, we can say that the internal resistance of fluid is called viscosity. It is related to the thickness of the fluid.

Density is equal to mass per unit volume. We can say that density is just the weight of the fluid. The unit of density is Kgm-3.


The main difference between density and viscosity

Many people consider the density and viscosity the same terms but these are not the same and have a truly different concept.

  • The measurement of the molecular weight of a composition is called density. So it tells the weight of the fluid while the measurement of intermolecular force and molecule shape is called Viscosity. Through viscosity, we find the friction between 2 layers of any fluid.
  • With temperature, viscosity change rapidly while the density change gradually with temperature. Density and viscosity decrease with an increase in temperature and both have different physical phenomenon and these are depending on different aspects totally.


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