What is the Difference between Resistor, Capacitor, and Inductor?

A resistor is used to resist the current flow. The mean of resistance is a hurdle, refuse, and oppose. Resistor consumes electrical energy. Resistance occurs because of the collision of electrons with each other in the conductor due to which conductor heats up.

Capacitor and inductor both use to store energy but the process of storing energy in both is different. The capacitor used to store energy in the form of an electrostatic field whereas Inductor used to store energy in the form of the electromagnetic field. As compared to the inductor, the capacitor stores more energy.

An example of Inductor is a bulb that takes less time to on and off. The capacitor is like the tank which takes time to fill and drain it out.

From the above definition of resistor, capacitor, and inductor we conclude that the resistor is the energy-consuming device whereas capacitor and inductor is the energy storing device.


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