What is the difference between Culture and Tradition?

There is the main difference between culture and tradition. Culture is the social behaviour or idea of the particular generation whereas tradition is the transferring of particular customs and belief from 1 generation to the next generation.

What is the difference between Culture and Tradition?

Culture VS Tradition

Culture is the fashion of the specific group of the people over a long time whereas tradition is created by one. Some families or individuals perform the tradition and it is unique whereas culture present among the large group of people. Entire Knowledge of human behaviour including clothing, language, art, belief and ritual is called culture whereas performing the culture in a specific way by specific families or individual generation by generation is called tradition.

Comparison between Culture and Tradition

  • Culture present in a particular social group whereas tradition present in an individual or particular families.
  • Culture perform by the large area of the social group whereas tradition is the part of the culture that is performed by some families.
  • A culture created by particular social group over the large time whereas tradition created by families or individuals.
  • Culture not change from generation to generation whereas tradition change and evolve with time and it is started to die out in the modern era.


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