Tor Browser Free Download for Windows

As you are interested in Tor Browser Free Download for Windows. Maybe you are already aware of the details regarding your desired browser. If you are still not sure then here we will share all the details about Tor Browser for Windows.

Tor Browser for Windows Torproject

Here we are offering you direct access to get your desired Tor browser for your Windows. For Torproject it is the best solution for you. You will remain secure while using the internet. Browse over the internet freely when you have Tor Browser in your PC. Your privacy will remain secret and nobody will get access to your data. This is the reason people love to have Tor Browser or internet surfing.

Tor Browser Free Download for Windows

Is it illegal to use the Tor browser?

Now question is that is everything alright when I use the Internet over Tor Browser? This is a common question asked by people over time. If you are just using Tor Browser in Windows for the internet then it is legal. You don’t need to worry about this because it is free and easy to download and use. Your IP address and history will remain secret and no one access to your data just because of Tor Browser.

How do I download Tor on Windows?

This is also among the FAQs that how I can download or install Tor Browser in my Windows. The download process is very simple. Here we are just sharing the direct access where you can get Tor Browser for Windows. Now you have the setup of Tor Browser. You can simply install it in your Windows just like any other product. If you are still confused then just ask us in the comment section below or directly Contact Us through page on our homepage.

Does Tor hide your IP?

If you are concerned about your IP address then just use Tor browser. Now you are safe because every time you use browser Tor a new IP address will be shown as your IP. So your real IP remains hidden. This is the reason why people love to use the Tor Browser.

Can I use Tor on Windows 10? Or Windows 7,8,8.1

Some of the questions are regarding different Windows version such as can I use Tor Browser in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10? Yes, all the versions mentioned here are fit for Tor Browser. It means you can easily download Tor Browser in Windows 10, 7, 8 or 8.1.

Download Tor Browser Free for Windows

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