Can I make a video from PowerPoint Slides?

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Today I am going to share an interesting topic with you. People often create a slide show while using PowerPoint. They can deliver their views or ideas properly in the form of slides. Now question is that can we collect them all slides in a single video? Let’s check the details!

Can I make a video from PowerPoint Slides?

This post is for all those people who are using PowerPoint for their work. Students often use it during studies for making different presentations. There are people from the business field who create presentations of their projects and share them with their team members and management. In short, there are different purposes for which people use PowerPoint. Now question is that we have a lot of slides and we want to make a single video of all of them, then what we need to do? You just need to make all your slides. If you are interested in adding some effects to your slides then add them in slides. If you have done all then it is time to make a video from all of the slides. You just need to do is simply click on File at the left top corner. When you click on File menu a window will open with different tasks. You just need to click on Export as given below.

Can I make a video from PowerPoint Slides

After clicking the export tab now you have to select “Create a Video” tab. Now you are able to create the video from your slides. You can save the setting as per your requirement. If you are making it for showing on a large screen then you have to choose the best quality or vice versa. You can set the time of per slide as per your requirement. After this just click on the create video and then save the video to your hard disk.

This is all for today! If you found it useful then comment below and share your views. For more updates and posts just stay tuned with us.

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