Can I Use Windows 7 in 2020

If you are using Windows 7 in your PC and you want to continue using it then it is a better choice for you. As per the announcement made by Microsoft that Windows 7 will not available with full technical support after January 14th 2020. This is the reason now people are asking about can I use Windows 7 in 2020. Yes, you can use but some of the features are not available for you.

Can I Use Windows 7 in 2020

Can I Use Windows 7 in 2020

Hey everyone! I am Jack and today from the platform of FileHippo I am going to share the details regarding your queries. As it is seen that Windows 7 is no more available with technical support by Microsoft. You will not get the latest updates by Microsoft as it has expired in 2020. But Microsoft is offering you to upgrade Windows 7 current version to Windows 10 which is the latest release by Microsoft. But if you are interested in using Windows 7 in your PC then keep it in mind that you can use only those services which are available in your pack. For latest updates, you need to upgrade your Windows version.

How I can use Windows 7 in 2020

You can use Windows 7 normally as you were using before. The thing you have to understand well is about latest updates and security features by Microsoft which are no more available for Windows 7. You can avail all those services by Microsoft only when you upgrade your version to Windows 10. You can upgrade easily without paying any kind of charges. If you are satisfied with your current version then it is not necessary for you to upgrade to Windows 10.

As it is said that Microsoft won’t provide technical support, software updates, security updates, and any type of fixes after January 14, 2020. So now it is up to users what they want. If they are still interested in using Windows 7 then you can use it as per mention limitations or just upgrade and enjoy the latest updates and fixes.

We have told in you in details and rest is all up to you. If you like it then comment below and share your views with us. For more updates stay tuned with us.

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