I see Mobile view issue in Search Console for my site

If you are concerned about the Mobile usability factor and you saw an alert that your site is not performing better for mobile devices.

Hey everyone, from FileHippo team today I am ready to share my experience with you regarding your problem. You will be happy after the tips I am sharing with you. Your issue is not as big to worry much about that. You just need to follow a single technique we have for you and as a result, there will be no problem for you.

I See Mobile view issue in Search Console

I see Mobile view issue in Search Console for my site | Site Mobile Usability problem

If your site is not mobile-friendly then you will see an alert from the search console. Actually most of the users nowadays are using a mobile phone so Google mobile-first indexing is now more important than before. There are millions of people who re using smartphones. Just think that your site is not working well for mobile users then how you can rank better in the search engine results? For better user experience it is necessary to make your site user-friendly and you can do it only if your site is mobile-friendly. Now question is that what to do? Follow the given steps right below.

AMP plugin

One of the easiest ways to make your site mobile-friendly is the installation of AMP plugin. If your theme is not responsive then it is necessary for you to have AMP plugin in your WordPress website. The process is very simple. Just click on the Plugins. Then click on Add New and then write AMP is the search box.

Here is your plugin. You can simply install the plugin and then activate it for your website. Now your site is a mobile-friendly site. If you are facing any other issue then you can ask it in the comment section. If your problem is resolved then tell us via commenting below. For more information and details stay tuned with us. Thanks.

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