Can i make a paypal account in Pakistan

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I was exploring FAQs related to Payoneer account and I saw some of the questions such as “Can I make a PayPal account in Pakistan”? I was first surprised about the question that why people are asking such questions frequently.

After detailed research, I learnt that there is no PayPal service in Pakistan. Government still didn’t work about PayPal properly. Now I understand well that why people are asking about how I can make PayPal account from Pakistan.

Can i make a paypal account in Pakistan

Can I make a PayPal account in Pakistan

Now question is that is there any way to create an account online and enjoy the PayPal services in Pakistan. Actually, it is not possible and to be honest, my suggestion for you is that don’t try to do it and don’t fall in the hands of spammers. There is no way to use such service which is actually not available for you. Some times ago it was possible to transfer PayPal payment to Payoneer account but at present, there is no such service available.

Someone Guarantee me about Making Paypal Account in Pakistan

When people talk like this I just smile on there faces. It is just like someone says I can fly in air or blah blah blah. You have to be a sensible person and check the official website. If you are not expert and still have some doubts in your mind then just ask anybody who is good at using the internet and other services. Just ask him to check the services for Pakistan. If the service exists then you can make your account. But as per my knowledge, there is no such facility at present but in future, you may avail the service in Pakistan. It is good luck to you in the future. If you found it useful then share your views in the comments section. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates.

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