How I can resolve the BreadCrumbs Issue

Nowadays, It is commonly a question asked by bloggers and SEO field people that “How I can Resolve The BreadCrumb Issue“?

Today! I am sharing some of my personal experiences with you. Last night on one of my website I saw some issues while visiting search console. The issue was related to the BreadCrumbs issue. It was in the notification that new BreadCrumbs issues detected for your site. I was really worried but what I did. Just check details.

How I can resolve the BreadCrumbs Issue

How I can resolve the BreadCrumbs Issue

If you are facing Breadcrumbs issue then in simple words you just consider it a new update from Google. There is some issue in data structure but question is that why I am seeing it now? The answer is simple that Google is now looking for structured data and there is some issue in your data which is causing issues while crawling.

When Google is not crawling your site properly, then it means de-ranking of your site. To prevent Google from doing so you have to fix BreadCrumbs issue.

How to resolve the BreadCrumbs Issue

Now let’s discuss the solution. This issue can be resolved through your theme. If you are using some paid theme then by simply making contact with your developer you can handle the issue easily. If you are using free themes then you need to check the BreadCrumbs option in your theme.

I was using Sahifa Theme on one of my websites. In this theme, there is an option of BreadCrumbs. I just disable the feature and now I am able to get rid of this issue. There is no BreadCrumb issue.

So at very first, you have to contact Theme developer from where you bought the theme. If you are trying to do it at your own then just check the option in theme and disable BreadCrumb feature. Then go to search console and click on the validate fix when you see BreadCrumbs issue. If you are unable to find the option in theme then you can change your theme in case of using free themes.

Here we have discussed what we experienced. If you want to add something then comment below. If you found it useful then tell us in the comments section. Stay tuned for further latest updates.

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