Can I use 32 bit Software in 64 bit Windows

When we see people asking about the use of 32-bit Software in 64-bit operating system then we came here for the answer. A few days ago, I was using my computer and there were some files which are in Rar format. When I tried to open the file, I was unable to do so because there was no software in my PC which can open Rar files.

Can I use 32 bit Software in 64 bit Windows

Can I use 32-bit Software in 64-bit Windows

There are some programs setups in my PC which I have downloaded when I was using the previous operating system. Now I have a new and fresh Windows. I just start exploring and found a product named as WinRar. I just check the details about the product but it was the 32-bit version. Then I was really confused about what to do because I have to open those files. A thought just came into my mind that why not should I try this one. Though it is a 32-bit version product and my system is 64-bit, but at that time there was no other choice.

I started the installation of the setup. After a few seconds, the product was successfully installed in my PC. Still, I was worried but the product was working properly. A small Windows also opened which said that there is a version of WinRar 64-bit which is suitable for your system. You can get the product for your system. I just closed the Windows and then start the extraction process of my files. Now I am able to open my documents with the 32-bit version in Windows 64-bit version.

After this experience, I learnt that we can use 32-bit version software in 64-bit version OS. I am just sharing my experience with you and I am not sure about the technical aspects of these versions but I think in the time of need we have to check whether the product is working or not. If it is working then we can our job easily otherwise we have to get the proper products.

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