Different Uses of Computer

A computer is an electronic device used to control large and small machines which were controlled by humans in the past. They are used in homes for making a home budget, for playing games, listening to music, reading the news and writing. They are also used in offices and schools for data gathering, processing, storage, and sending or receiving e-mail.

Uses of Computer

Types of Computers and their Uses

Desktop Computer

A desktop computer is the most common type of computer. It sits on the disk or floor and performs a variety of tasks.


They are specialized computers which are optimized for science or graphics. They are more powerful than desktop.

Notebook Computers

Notebook computers are small portable computers. It weighs between 3 and 8 pounds, about 8.5 by 11 inches. It is typically as powerful as a desktop.

Tablet Computer

Tablet computer is the newest development in portable computers. In tablet computers, the input is given through a pen. It runs specialized versions of office products.

Handheld Computer

They are very small computers like Personal Digital Assistants. They are used for note-taking or contact management. Data can synchronize with a desktop.

Smart Phones

Smartphones are the hybrid of cell phones and personal digital assistant. It is used for web surfing and e-mail access.
Some important features of smartphones are:
• Phone
• Internet (E-mail, browsing)
• Camera
• Video Recording

Use of Computer in Organizations

Mainframe and minicomputers are used in large organizations.

Mainframe Computers

Mainframe computers are used in large organizations such as insurance companies and bank, where many people frequently need to use the same data.


They got their name because of their small size as compared to other computers of the day. The capabilities of minicomputers are somewhere between those of mainframe and personal computers. For this reason, minicomputers are also called as “Midrange Computers”.

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