When i Open my Website I see a White screen | Unable to open my Website

A very common problem which people face often when they try to open their web site. This post is only for the owners of the website who have complete access to Cpanel. If you are seeing a white screen and blank page when you try to open the URL then it means there is a technical fault with your web site.

Last time when I faced such problem I was really worried about that. My web site was not accessible and tried again and again but useless. Then immediately I started some experiments and find out the way to get out my web site from such a situation.

Website Blank Page Show White Screen How to Fix

Here today I am going to share my experience with you. Here I will share just two simple methods for the solution of your problems. You need to go here and there and read so long and long articles for such. Follow these two methods. I hope you will get the solution from the first step. If you are unable to activate your site then just do the second step for complete fixation.

Through Cpanel

If you have access to Cpanel then just log in to your site account. Then go File manager, and in public Html find the folder named as Plugins. When you get there then simply rename the plugins folder by adding any extra letter such as (pluginsz). By doing so all plugins on your web site will be disabled. Now just go and write the URL of your website. Just click enter. If your issue is resolved then it means there is some outdated plugin which is causing issue to your site. Just check and fix the plugin and then go back to the folder and then rename the plugins folder to its original states. If your site is working then enjoy and if there is still a problem then follow the next step.

Through Hosting Provider

This is very easy and the best way to sort out your problems. As I am using Namecheap services then I can go to Live Chat at any time when I face such problems. If you are using Namecheap Hosting then do the same as me. If you are using anything else then check is there any live chat option available? If not then follow contact administrator page or through email and inform them about your issue. Hosting department will fix your issues under 10 minutes. Have fun and enjoy a working web site. Give us feedback via comments below if this article is useful for you. If there is anything we can do for you then just comment below. Stay tuned for more.

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