When I Install Plotagon it just show me copying file in process and no further results

The day before yesterday, I was trying to install Plotagon in my PC but unfortunately, I could not succeed. When I run the installation process, a window opened in front of me saying copying files but there was no result at the end. I waited for an hour but the situation remained the same as it was.

After running some experiments I was succeeded in achieving my target. I installed Plotagon successfully in my PC. I realized maybe other people are also facing the same issues as me. So, I just thought about sharing my experience with you in sorting out your problems.

Plotagon Installation Issues

Unable to Install Plotagon what to do?

If you have any version of Plotagon then you can easily install it in your system. If you are unable to install it then check the version you have at very first. Make sure that you have a complete setup file.

If this step is clear then your setup will be installed properly. If after the installation still it is not running and you are stopped at copying the file and no further progress then there is an issue in your Windows.

If you are using outdated windows then it will not be possible for you to install this program in your PC.

Change or Refresh Windows and Install Plotagon Easily

The major problem I faced just because of my Windows. I suddenly refresh my Windows 8.1 and it really works. Before I was unable to install Plotagon but now it is working very well.

The issue was actually with Windows or with some Windows update setting. When I refresh the operating system the result was in my favour. I hope by doing so you can solve this issue.

If you are getting a positive result from this info then let us know via commenting below. If you have any other query then you can ask freely.

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