How we can redirect a URL? Website URL redirection

Are you running a website? If yes then you may often face the issues regarding the redirection of URL. Here we will explain in details about what is Redirection of a URL and how we can redirect any URL to another Url.

What is a Website URL redirection?

What is the URL?

URL is actually a web address which will lead you to a page or a web site over the internet. Every web site on the internet has a specific URL. Every URL is a unique one and if you are visiting some URL then you will get there without any issue. Url work like an address. Different web sites have different URLs so that we can visit our required sites easily.

What is a URL Redirection?

A Url redirection is a process in which you can send visitors to a specific Url to another Url where you want. Sometimes, when people update their content with a new URL then they send their visitors to a new page. This is called Url redirection. You can redirect one website to a new Url. By doing your visitors will get a newly updated page with updated information. Url Redirection is the best way to update the outdated content with a new address.

How to Redirect a Website Url to a new address?

If you are running your web site then you are well aware of what a website is? Now sometime in search engines when sites de-ranked then people redirect their web site to a new Website having a new Url. You can redirect your whole website or some specific page. If you are interested in the redirection of a web site then you can use Cpanel for redirection. You just need to log in to your Cpanel. There you will see a redirect option. Just go there and enter the address where you want to redirect your website.

redirection of a web site

If you are just interested in redirecting a Url of some specific page of a website to some other or new page of the same site then you can use a WordPress plugin “Redirection”.

WordPress plugin Redirection

This will help you in redirecting URL to as per your requirement. After installation, you will see two boxes where you can write the old Url and new Url where you want to redirect the Url of the website.

If you are facing any issue then you can ask in the comment section below. Our team will guide you properly.

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